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Are there special filters for caravans?

Yes! Suggest you give us a call and let's talk about the options available!

Can you refer me to someone who can install a water filter for me?

Certainly! Phone us or "contact us" and we will find someone for you in your area!

Do you offer discounts on quantity purchases?

We certainly do! Please phone us on 02 9764 6888 or contact us through our "contact us" and we are certain you will be very happy with the discounts we can offer.

How many years have you been in the water filter industry?

Since 1988. This is why we claim over 20 years of water filtration experience, experience that can't be bought but must be learned.

How often should my filters be changed?

It really depends on the no of people and the quality of the water. On average ... 12 monthly! However if in doubt contact us on 02 9764 6888. Remembering that "water is life", if in doubt change the filter.

If my products are damaged when received what should I do?

Customer service is very important to us so phone us or contact us through our "contact us" page asap and we will fix it.

If my water filter does not appear to work properly, what should I do?

Don't panic! Remembering that our customers are our lifeblood, contact us and we will very quickly sort out the problem in the best way possible.

We are in the country and use tank water. Do we need to filter it?

No it's not really necessary unless your city relatives are coming to stay. They sometimes have a problem with frogs tadpoles and other stuff in the tank! It won't' hurt them!! We do have special filters for tank water, give us a call or "contact us"

What warranty is on your products?

All Aqua Max Australia products have a minimum of 12 months manufacturers warranty.

Why do we need a water filter?

A Do you know what you are drinking?
B Once you have started making your tea or coffee with filtered water you will notice quite a difference!
C Do your bit for "saving the planet". The way of the future is filtered not bottled!
D Don't buy bottled water .... filter your own and save money!
E If you took your own filtered water with you each day you would save about $500 per year for each person!